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KB: Windows 8 fix for Cisco VPN Client & Cisco AnyConnect

Cisco VPN Client fix for Windows 8 Problem case: While trying to connect to a VPN you meet the following error message: “Secure VPN Connection terminated locally by the Client” “Reason 442: failed to enable Virtual Adapter” Advertisements

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KB: How to fix or Rebuild WMI on Windows XP

Problem case: From time to time people are having trouble with WMI on Windows XP. There is a few ways to fix this problem.

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KB: How to extract USMT/Windows Easy Transfer .MIG files

This guide will guide you through extracting USMT .MIG files to the original “raw” data files using the MigRecover Utility. Problem case: Restoring a .MIG file using Windows Easy Transfer won’t work from an x64 to an x86 OS.

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KB: BitLocker guide, how to unlock manually using WinPE

This guide will guide you through unlocking and disabling BitLocker encryption on a disc from an offline media using a bootable CD-ROM. Start the machine and hit “F12” to enter the boot menu Note: Some manufacturer use other keys to … Continue reading

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KB: VPN is connecting with Mobile Broadband WWAN modems, but no access to the network is available.

Problem case: Machines using Mobile broadband (WWAN) can connect through VPN but cannot access the local or external network while connected. Cause of problem: Cisco VPN Client does not support VPN through a regular WWAN network connection. Only Dial-Up modems … Continue reading

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KB: SCCM error: “The directory is not empty”

Problem case: The deployment is stalling at the step “Wiping volume c”. As seen below, smsts.log states that it fails to complete installation of the image, with the error: “The directory is not empty”.

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KB: Slow refresh-rate on SCCM-Collections

Problem case: Slow collection refresh, up to 30 minutes. There are two known issues regarding this problem. 1. Schedule refresh rates. The first possible issue with slow refresh rate on collections could be the schedule on each and every collection … Continue reading

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