Dell Command | Integration Suite for System Center

Basically The Dell Command | Integration Suite for System Center 2012 extends Configuration Manager to provide easier management for Dell hardware models like Optiplex, Precision, Latitude, and Tablet series running the following Operating Systems: Windows7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10.

Dell Integration Suite for System Center offers three major tools to help import manage and distribute Dell drivers using System Center Configuration Manager.

  • Dell customized boot images

Using the GUI provided by the integration suite combined with Dell’s WinPE driver cabs you can easily import Dell WinPE drivers into your existing boot image or create a clean image only containing Dell WinPE drivers. This is an easy way to prepare for e.g. a hardware vendor change or simply keep your boot images up to date. Currently, Dell driver cabs supports the following versions of WinPE: 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x and 10.

  • Dell driver packs

Integrating new driver packs is easier and less time-consuming using the integration suite. From Dell’s driver cab download page it is possible to download cab family packs or specific hardware model packs. These driver packs contain driver support for one or multiple hardware models and both x86 and x64 architecture for each Windows operative system. Using the GUI provided by the integration suite it is possible to choose and pick between hardware models, operative system architecture, and pick distribution points before creating the driver package. When the creation/distribution process is complete, the driver pack and the individual drivers are provided with timestamp, model, architecture, driver pack version and operative system. The driver packs and drivers have now been sorted, labeled, and are ready to use within your current task sequence.

  • Dell customised task sequence

Along with the GUI’s provided for boot images and driver packs, the integration suite offers a “predefined” MDT-like Dell task sequence. This task sequence includes tools from the Dell Custom Script package, predefined Bitlocker steps and steps to manage the BIOS both pre- and post installation of operative system. The executable BIOS configuration files are created and exported using Dell Configure Standalone tool or executed command line, directly in the task sequence (PowerShell).

To sum up, Dell Command | Integration Suite for System Center 2012 is an excellent tool to accomplish some of the everyday tasks in a more efficient and faster way than System Center 2012 offers itself.

Download sources

Download Integration Suite for System Center 2012.

Download WinPE and model specific driver cabs.

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