The RACI matrix – a simple but useful tool

RACI is a widely used matrix, and is short for: Responsible, Accountable (Approver) Consulted, and Informed.

How the RACI matrix is useful

  • It visualizes the employee’s responsibilities to the organization. If some employees are assigned with too many or too few responsibilities.
  • It keeps everybody aligned with who is accountable.
  • Keeps all the necessary employees in the loop and reduces miscommunications.
  • It helps to develop a simple communication system.

In project management, it is important for all the stakeholders to know the responsibilities and accountabilities of each employee. RACI can be used for identifying roles and responsibilities during an organisational change process, for tasks or activities. Hence, the RACI matrix is a great project management tool that improves the communication within the team and organisation.

Assigning roles and responsibilities

  • Identify all of the processes/activities/tasks and identify all the roles.
  • Identify who has the R, A, C, I for each process/task or activity.
  • Every process/task or activity should have only one “A”.
  • Every task has at least one person assigned for “R” and “A” roles. In some cases both roles might be taken by the same person.
  • Every task has only one person assigned as “A”. Though responsibilities can be shared, accountabilities have to be fixed to a single person.
  • If there are too many people in the “C” category, figure out if all of them need to be in the loop. Consider moving some of them to the “I” category.
  • Also keep the “I” category to a minimum to reduce the noise in communication.
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