Manage Okta through API’s with Postman

The GUI in Okta is powerful in itself, but like many other products there is a lot more under the hood. This post will show you how to access your Okta organisation (instance) through the integrated API’s with Postman.

As the developer of Postman states: “Supercharge your API workflow with Postman! Build, test, and document your APIs faster. More than a million developers already do.…”  and it can be downloaded here.

Basically you need to do 3 things:

  1. Generate a Token in Okta
  2. Install and configure Postman
  3. Download API collection packs from Okta


Here is how you do it:

1. Generate a Token in Okta

  • Log in on your Okta webpage with an administrator
  • Navigate to the Admin console
  • Click Security and then API
  • Click the ‘Generate Token’ button
  • Enter a name and click Create Token
  • Here after the Token is shown as below:

  • Copy the token value and save it somewhere safe. Once you click ‘OK, got it’ you won’t be able to see the token value again!

2. Configure Postman

  • Start Postman (from Google Chrome or from the Start Menu)
  • In the top right corner click ‘No Environments’ and then click ‘Manage Environments’

  • In the next window click Add
  • Create two new rows. “url” with your Okta web address and “apikey” with your Token value:

  • Click submit
  • Hereafter select your new environment from the dropdown box:

3. Download API collection packs from Okta

  • Okta have provided 9 collections available for download here:

Postman Collection

Authentication API

Sessions API

Users API

Factors API

Groups API

Admin Roles API

Apps API

Schemas API

Events API

  • To import them (one at the time) click the Import button in top
  • Then click “download from Link” and past the link. E.g.

  • The collections will show up on the left hand side:

  • Select one and click Send to verify that it works. From here you are ready to take full advantage of Okta’s APIs.
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