Controlling the Start menu in Windows 10 using Group Policy

Prerequisites: Windows 10 Administrative templates imported. 

This guide will show how to control the start menu in windows 10, using Group Policy. This allows administrators to determine, which live tiles will be available to the end user. Controlling live tiles this way, will prevent the users from adding or removing live tiles in the start menu.

All we need to do is:

Pin and arrange the live tiles as needed on a client computer.

Open Powershell and run the command “export-startlayout –path c:\Temp\start.xml” (Make sure C:\Temp exists or point it to another path)

Now we have a start.xml file. Copy this to a file share that is readable for every user that will be affected by the Group policy.

Open Group Policy Management Editor on your DC (or wherever you have access to it).

Edit the GPO where you what to create the policy and go to:

User Configuration->Administrative Templates->Start Menu and Taskbar->Start Layout

Double click “Start Layout”

Enable the policy and fill in the path for the Start Layout File:

Click OK, link the GPO to where you want it and you are done!

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