How to start Conference session with Mikogo and what it is about

First off, Mikogo is an easy-to-use but powerful online meeting software solution for companies to host conferences, online presentations, and remote support sessions – Mikogo has a great variety of uses for both small as well as bigger companies, with the needs for a quick meeting across distance.

The first time opening this application, you will be asked to log in by typing the desired Username and Password that you chose when you signed up, at the website.

1. After starting Mikogo, press ‘start meeting’ as illustrated below.

2. You should then have the same options, as shown in the picture.

3. Next you should choose the preferred profile, which in this case would be the profile “Support” and not “Standard”, as shown in the picture – You do this by clicking on the downside arrow marked with red in the picture, and then select “Support”

4. Next you will be moving the black marker from “Vis” to “Se & Kontrollér” and continuing by pressing “OK” as marked with red in the picture below.

5. Now you will have a picture shown as below – You need to invite people to join your session; You do that by pressing the little man, with a green “+” beside him, as marked by red in the picture.

6. Next, press the option, “Send e-mail med mødeinformationer” that’s marked with red, as in the picture below.

7. Choose people you want to join the session by entering their selected E-mail address in the “To” box as marked with red. They will have all information needed in the E-mail they receive, as shown in the picture below.

8. When they press the instructions they receive in their E-mail, you will be able to see them in Mikogo. They will be represented with the name they chose in the interface.

9. When they join you’re session, you will be able to see their desktop, as in the picture below and you will be good to go.

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