Implementing an IAMG solution?

Identity and Access Management and Governance is a solution that has an impact on your business organisation as a whole, not only on the IT organisation. Controlling the whole user lifecycle management and ensuring that the users have access to only what they need to fulfil their job, is a task that takes considerable workload away from IT and makes it possible to empower the business organisation for self-service.

In order to assess which IAM solution is most feasible, it is necessary to prioritise what benefits to achieve on a short- and long term. In order to ensure buy-in from the business organisation, make sure that benefits are valuable for the key stakeholders in the organisation. Before implementing a IAMG solution, it is important to decide how and who to address in the organisation:

Review current processes and organisation: Check that internal policies (risks, governance standards, and workflows) are documented, correct, and up-to date. Depending on the readiness of the organisation and matureness of current processes, establish a baseline in order to measure benefits. You need consider if a pre-analysis or an initial AD Clean and Assessment are needed, in order to establish quantitative data for a business case and to get an overview of the current state.

Understand the stakeholders’ needs: Understand the impact and make the benefits visible and valuable. Establish a baseline of current processes in order to measure benefits and enhance buy-in from the stakeholder community. Make the impact visible and valuable for the relevant business.

Roll-out strategy: Successful IAM implementation can take up to three years – if all record and engagement systems are to be integrated across business units and business sites. Align the roll-out strategy with the organisation readiness, processes and consider the extend of diversity within the organisation.

Lead the change: Engagement is the key to a successful deployment and critical for the governance. Involving the right people across the business and to get buy-in from system owners, executives as well as end users, are critical to make full benefit of an IAMG solution.

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