SCCM 2012 Deployment starts out successful but turns bad in time

I recently made an SCCM application and deployed it for a customer. At first everything looked fine; the application was deployed successfully to 200 plus clients, with only 1 install failure. A couple of days later, I checked up on the deployment status in the Configuration Manager console and this is what I saw.


Somehow, a successful deployment had turned bad and the number of errors was rising! After wiping the sudden sweat from my forehead, I opened the deployment status to find a couple of workstations, where the application was now failing to check log files. However, in the deployment status on the “error” tab, there was nothing.


After doing several “run summarizations” hoping for some information to show up, I went to the SCCM reporting site, to see if there was something there. After looking at different reports without much luck, I found the following in the “Application Infrastructure Error” report.


CI Version Info timed out.

I found a client with the problem and went through the logs. According to AppEnforce.log, the software installation had been successful. When logging onto the computer, the software was working as well. The same was true for other computers i decided to inspect. Also, the service desk had not had any calls from users, about the software. So it was looking a lot like some sort of false negative.

Then I went through the various CI logs. In CIAgent.log I found the following:


Notice that it says “version 10 not available”. So I went and checked the revision number of my application, turns out it was revision 6. So no wonder revision 10 is not available, it hasn’t been created yet. I went on to check the logs of several other clients, with the issue, and all of them reported the same in the CIAgent.log. Ok, so apparently it was not my application, which was causing the false negatives. The ID of the faulting application was an error from CIAgent.log, so I put that into an SQL query to get the friendly name of it.

select top 10 * from CI_ConfigurationItems where CI_UniqueID like’%/Application_faeb6a44-1457-42aa-af0c-ae42889012a1′

This led me to the offender: “Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 DADK 1”. OK, so somehow MS Office 2007 was making my deployment fail. I took a look at some other deployments and found that they also had the “CI Version Info timed out” error.

I took a look at the Office application, it was revision 12 and it was deployed as a part of the OS install task sequence. The task sequence was referencing version 12, which would be the correct version. Nonetheless I did the following, to ensure it was referencing the newest version:

  • Opened the TS and removed Office 2007 from it.
  • Saved the TS.
  • Opened it again and re-added the Office application.
  • Saved it again.

After doing this, the deployment status started to go back to green, and not only for my application, but for all the others, as well. Apparently when the clients run the policy evaluation and gets to an application, which has been deployed by a TS and have had its revision updated since then, it would stop and fail the evaluation of all applications. Luckily this is a rare bug and it was supposedly be fixed with sp1, however this happened on a SCCM 2012 R2, so you might still run into it. Three days later, the deployment looks almost all green. Only 10 clients still have the error and that is just because they have not yet done another policy evaluation.


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