Incorrect holidays in Outlook 2007/2010

In this step-by-step guide, it will be shown how to do a work-around regarding Microsoft release of a .HOL file on August 28 2012, where the holiday is listed incorrectly. To correct this, you will have to locate the .HOL file and edit it with the corrected holidays. There are multiple options regarding how the changes can be made in the Calendar. The below guide is a “global” solution and is specifically used to correct the holidays if you have a lot of effected users, or if you do not want to do it manually on 5-10 PCs. I would not use this solution if it is only a problem on 1-3 computers.If that is the case, simple go to Calendar and drag-and-drop the holiday from the wrong date to the correct one.

Method 1: Before importing the .HOL file for the first time

  1. Before starting this step by step guide; Exit Outlook if it’s open on the PC you want to import fro
  2. In Microsoft Windows Explorer, you must locate the following file to edit changes for holidays:
  • drive letter:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office “xx”\LCID\outlook.hol à I had to go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\1033 (Because of version 2010)

>>Where “xx” is 12 for 2007 Microsoft Office and 14 for Office 2010<<

  1. Making a backup copy of the .HOL file is recommended as you may need to start over etc.
  2. Right click on the Outlook.HOL file then press “Open With -> Choose Notepad” (Or preferred editor) after you have finished editing the file, you can do the same again, but instead choose to “Open with -> Choose Outlook” – This is completely a matter of choice.
  3. Press Crtl+F to search for “Whit Sunday” or find it manually (Sometimes the search is not working).
  4. Change Whit Sunday, 2015/5/28 to Whit Sunday, 2015/5/24.
  5. Do this for every occurrences of Whit Sunday that you can find in the .HOL file.
  6. Press Crtl+F to search for “Whit Monday” or find it manually (Sometimes the search is not working).
  7. Change Whit Monday, 2015/5/29 to Whit Monday, 2015/5/25.
  8. Do this for every occurrences of Whit Monday that you can find in the .HOL file.
  9. Save and close the Outlook.HOL file if Not possible, maybe with notepad – open ‘as admin’, save to the desktop and copy it to the right folder.

Now you can import the corrected Holidays into your calendar. Before this step the holidays must be deleted manually!! (press, viewthen list then identify cat. holidays and then delete – Import the file after you deleted the old ones (Holidays).

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