The y-Cloud

I have been in this business for quite some years now and things tend to go in circles – or just like fashion – the same thing pops up again with just a little twist. So what does this have to do with IT and the omnipresent cloud? The cloud has always been there; it is just a new name for a datacenter – on-premise or off-premise – what has changed is the way we should utilize the cloud, and that is more than a little twist.


This is where the y-Cloud comes in – why should we utilize the cloud? It is all in the solutions – solutions are made up from one or more applications, which makes the solution with its associated processes and workflows. Moving servers to a virtualized platform on-premise or off-premise does not mean you have utilized the cloud – you have just moved your servers to a more energy-efficient platform; and basically this is good, but old news. But let us stick to servers – servers are expensive, maybe not to buy, but to maintain, and a lot of applications are placed on dedicated servers with average low utilization, making these less efficient and in most cases under-utilized. The different vendors of cloud technology provides technology to run applications across several servers building solutions, which utilizes the capacity of the serves more efficient and offers more flexible scalability. This is “y” we should utilize the Cloud, and as mentioned earlier, this can be done both on and off-premise. Of course; this is not done just by flipping a switch – this requires some careful preparation. Moving solutions to the cloud requires that you know what services your applications delivers and how these build your solutions. When you have documented the business processes and workflows of the solution then you can map the technology services to match. With this you will then be able to decide how and which services can be moved to the cloud. The upside to do this is that you end up with a documented solution with quantifiable services, which really is what this is all about. Some years ago we talked about service enabling solutions – Now it is cloud enabling – Does this sound familiar? So – When you talk with suppliers and vendors about y-Cloud – keep this in mind – It takes a lot of work to get there and yes it is expensive – Do they have a process for getting you ready for the cloud? Just because you can see clouds from your windows – it does not mean you have actually moved among them…

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