How to solve: BitLocker require recovery password

This guide will help you fix the problem with BitLocker as it asks for the recovery password every time you turn on the PC. This will show you how to do it the fastest way using command lines and without any GUI.

Problem: Sometimes BitLocker continuously asks for the recovery password when you start-up the PC, this could be because there have been made changes to the boot order, BIOS changes, removing PC from docking-station, boot from USB etc. Basically everything you do, that change the current state of the PC could cause this problem.

Solution: Disable all protection methods set for the encryption key, this allows you to make a “new state” of the PC and enable the changes you made, to be the new parameters for BitLocker to use.

  1. Open CMD in elevated mode(Right-click – Run as administrator)
  2. Type in as shown in the picture below and hit “Enter button”(“Manage-bde –status”- To see the current status of BitLocker)1
  3. After you have validated that the drive c: is encrypted type in as picture below, hit enter(“Manage-bde –protectors –disable c:”)2
  4. You can do a “Manage-bde –status” to see new state of BitLocker(Should show, as the picture below)3
  5. Make sure the PC is in the state you want it to be, type in as shown below (“manage-bde –protectors –enable c:”). Verify by typing the following command: “manage-bde –status” to validate that the protection is actually enabled (As mentioned before, make sure that the current state of the PC is the one you want – Boot order, BIOS settings etc.)4
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