Ensuring the right people have access to the right data

For most companies these days, making their premises, server rooms and networks secure is standard operating procedure. In addition, a fortune is often put into improving production practices to make them LEAN as companies realize that even minor changes can benefit their overall economy.

And yet, many enterprises are still practicing identity management like they did in the ‘good old days’, breaching security and all logical LEAN principles in the daily effort to keep the ball rolling.

Do you still clone user accounts and permissions when new workers come on board? Do you stick mostly to adding new privileges when users are relocated or promoted? Are you sure there are no accounts still in the system for users who are no longer part of the company?

These days, information technology is experiencing rapid growth. Identity Management (IDM) is playing an increasingly essential role within every single organization—especially in situations where users need access to different accounts within various systems in the organization. At the same time, the requirements associated with managing secure access to information and applications across multiple systems and domains is becoming much more complex—primary because of the necessity to comply with regulatory institutions, legal requirements and internal policies. A very dynamic working environment adds to the complexity with employees and contractors joining and leaving companies, or transferring between different departments, more often than in times past.

When users move to another department or receive a promotion, their access rights are often not modified properly to reflect the current needs of the new position.  As a result, incorrect access rights proliferate, becoming harder to fix and leaving some users with far too many access rights than what they need to perform their tasks, thereby facilitating significant security breaches. Unauthorized access to sensitive data can have a tremendous impact on the business, causing problems that both directly and indirectly can become very costly.

All of this makes determining the best way to ensure that the right people have access to the right resources for the right reasons essential. This also involves keeping track of how users are being granted their access rights.

IDM is arguably the central aspect of corporate security, and IDM365 is the right solution to battle obsolete user rights and manage the current users properly.

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