Wait deploying the KB2506143 before Configuration Manager 2012 SP1

Microsoft Configuration Manager Team have today announced that they have been getting support calls from customers who have applied KB2506143 (Windows Management Framework 3.0) 

The problem is that the Configuration Manager RTM Client is not compatible with Windows Management Framework 3.0 and therefore, the daily “Client Health evaluation” of Configuration Manager Client will trigger a rebuild and repair of the client due to, that the health elevation incorrectly believes that WMI is corrupt.

If you have not already deployed KB2506143 (Windows Management Framework 3.0) to your Config Mgr infrastructure Microsoft recommend waiting until the release of Config Mgr SP1 in early 2013, this servicepack will support Windows Management Framework 3.0.


If you already have deployed KB2506143, Microsoft have released the following workaround:

You can work around the issue by setting the following registry value to True on the impacted clients:


With this registry value set to True, the client will still run the evaluation task daily and incorrectly report that the WMI repository is corrupt but will not call for the repository rebuild or the daily client reinstall.

If the Management Point is already failing as a result of the evaluation being run, the MP will need to be uninstalled and reinstalled to get it back online.


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