KB: How to extract USMT/Windows Easy Transfer .MIG files

This guide will guide you through extracting USMT .MIG files to the original “raw” data files using the MigRecover Utility.

Problem case: Restoring a .MIG file using Windows Easy Transfer won’t work from an x64 to an x86 OS.

Solution: You can simply extract all the raw data from the .MIG file to your hard drive.

Luckily someone (unknown) created a small application to solve this issue. Big thanks to the original author of this genius application.

Download USMT4 MigRecover Utility here

Download USMT3 MigRecover Utility here

Follow these 7 steps to complete the extraction:

  1. Download the MigRecover Utility for USMT3 or USMT4 from one of the links above
  2. Extract the downloaded archive to a desired location
  3. Start by renaming the .MIG file to SaveData.MIG
  4. Create a destination folder for the extracted “raw” files
  5. Open an elevated command prompt (right-click – Run as Administrator)
  6. Browse to the desired folder location containing “MigRecover.exe”
  7. Type the following command: MigRecover.exe [.MIG file location] [Destination folder] (Screenshot)

Note: Files with corrupted names (unsupported characters) will end up with the error code: “0x0000007B”

Unfortunately there is no knows solution for recovering corrupted files.

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