KB: VPN is connecting with Mobile Broadband WWAN modems, but no access to the network is available.

Problem case:

Machines using Mobile broadband (WWAN) can connect through VPN but cannot access the local or external network while connected.

Cause of problem:

Cisco VPN Client does not support VPN through a regular WWAN network connection. Only Dial-Up modems are supported.

Solution step-by-step:

  • Go to “Network and Sharing Center” ex. by clicking the network icon in the lower right corner.

  • Click “Set up a new connection or network”

  • Mark “Set up a dial-up connection” and click next

  • Type in the information provided by your ISP or SD

  • In this case only “Dial-up phone number” is necessary

  • Click “Connect”


  • Wait a few seconds till the following screen are present


Note: We are now connected to the internet through WWAN. All we need to do now is modify the VPN Client to match the new connection.

  • Open Cisco VPN Client and right click the desired site and click modify

  • Go to the “Dial-Up tab”

  • Checkmark “Connect to Internet via dial-up”, chose the connection we just created and click “Save”

We are now able to access both local and external networks on a Virtual Private Network through WWAN.

 Detailed solution description:

Since Windows 7 Mobile Broadband devices are starting to use the new Mobile Broadband driver model, existing solutions that depend on drivers that must see all the networking traffic that is sent and received by all the networking devices that are being used on a system, will not work with your Mobile Broadband device. The reason is that to accomplish this they must be bound to all the networking devices in the machine so they have the ability to shape network traffic at the kernel level using standard NDIS drivers. With VPN solutions, these drivers are responsible for setting up and encrypting all network traffic that is destined to the VPN server. However, many VPN providers have not updated their networking drivers so that they can bind to Mobile Broadband devices. This is the reason that many VPN solutions do not work with Mobile Broadband devices.

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